How to download the accompaniment?

This part accompaniment is need to pay to download, in order to avoid you buy to the third party to take AD of accompaniment. We provides audio-visual services for accompaniment. Best after you listen there is no problem, and then to buy. After completion of payment, can be in the accompaniment of the details page to download.Concrete can refer to the below.

by Feb 15, 2013

How to buy the accompaniment of this station?

This site provides the Alipay, Wechat, Paypal payment method, after your audition accompaniment have no problem, you can click "buy" button of the page, select you want to make a payment to buy payment. The following figure.

by Feb 15, 2013

How to recharge?

You can recharge your account on the repaid page. After buying the accompaniment, you can use the "balance payment". It is convenient and quick. During the activity, the website not only has a great discount, but also the balance purchase will also enjoy 30 percent off. More will be a small surprise after the purchase of the balance.

by Feb 15, 2013

The play and download some attention issues.

This site supports PC, tablet PC, mobile phone equipment and so on. Compatible browsers :IE8+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome 8+, Opera 9+ and other standard browsers. To get a better audition, buy, download features and recommend using Google on your PC. On this site in the android mobile phone can download and listen to the IOS (iphone) this site does not support native Safari download, if you any problem in the process of using this site, please contact us in time.

by Feb 15, 2013

How to contact us?

Our contact email, if you have any questions, you can send email to this address. Our customer service staff will reply to you at the first time.

by Feb 15, 2013
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